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The Most Trusted List For Top 10 Affiliates
1.    Make A Living Online

At $59.60 per sale this program has shot all the way up my Top 10 list in no time at all!

This is the brain-child of Jim of the top marketers on the Net today. This package includes a physical book that is mailed to your customers so the perceived value will be much higher than digital information products.

His 5-page mini site promoting this package sells extremely well!

The only caution for you is this is not a free program, but rather only available to his customers. For you this means that you will have much less competition out there.

If you are serious about creating a business online that will make you money for years to come, this shouldn't be an issue for you.

One of the things I stress in my ebook is that you should own the products you are promoting. This allows you to know for sure that the products you are promoting really do live up to your recommendations.

This is one of those programs that, if you are serious, can put a seriously large paycheck in your mailbox each month for a long time!

This program is ONLY for those that are serious about making money online!

2.    Surefire Marketing

Note! This one is currently converting one out of every 41 visitors that I send them!

Yanik Silver is a relative newcomer to the online marketing world. But don't let that fool you because he moved into a Marketing Guru position in just a few short months.

His products sell like fire and can make you a decent profit considering his affiliate program pays 45% commissions.

His Instant Sales Letters product has done the best for my sites, and adds a nice additional source of income each month.

You can definitely add this to your top 10 list of programs to promote:

Click here to join the Surefire Marketing affiliate program

3.    Marketing Tips

At $65 per sale it isn't hard to understand why this program is on my Top 10 list!

This program is run by Corey Rudl, one of the most prominent Internet millionaires out there. You can be sure that his products will sell well, and they will more than over-deliver to your customers.

This one has been around for awhile, but with the number of new webmasters coming online each and every day, you will have an endless supply of people to sell to.

If you are looking or a high-quality program with high-quality products to sell, this is the one:

Click here to signup now!

4.    Scamfreezone

Note! This one is currently converting one out of every 27 visitors that I send them!

If your visitors are looking for help getting started on the Internet, you should definitely tell them about the Internet Success Blueprint!

Neil Shearing has not only put together some extremely great products that sell well, but he has also put together one of the best affiliate programs to sell them. You earn 50% commissions and 10% for second-tier (sales of webmasters referred by you) sales.

I just recently started promoting this one and it is already moving up my Top 10 Most Profitable list.

I highly recommend you join this one: Scamfreezone

  5.    All-In-One-Business  

Note! This one is currently converting one out of every 37 visitors that I send them!

Here's a new one to add to the list. Kevin's products sell really well, and are well received by the customers that I've sent him.

This tells me this one should be on just about anyone's 'must promote' list.

The product that sells really well for me is the Passive Income Report that shows you how to earn money passively with or without having a website.

Click here for a great 2-tier program with high conversion rates!


What does every person on the Internet that is wanting to make money from a website need?

A website hosting company. And if they are planning to succeed, they will need a quality, reliable hosting company.

This one pays you $10 per month for as long as they remain a customer!

The beauty of this program is the fact that you keep getting commissions month after month after month!

If you are looking for a great website host, or for an affiliate program that can make you a decent income give them a visit at:

Click here for recurring monthly commissions

7.    NetBreakThroughs

This is a membership site run by Terry Dean that is excellent. He has packed it with excellent information at a very affordable price.

Terry is one of the Net's top money earners, and he's not stingy with sharing how he made it to the position he is in today.

I highly recommend that you join his membership site, then join the affiliate program and tell your subscribers and visitors just how great it really is.

Click here to join today!


Ken Evoy never ceases to amaze with his outstanding products that *way* over-deliver.

The thing that really helps this program as well is the fact that he pays you lifetime commissions for the customers that you send him.

In my opinion this is the wave of the future for affiliate programs because it allows you to make money long after that first sale.

It is a lot of work to get a customer to purchase, and this adds a very nice reward for your efforts.

When you join Ken's program you are given all the tools you could possibly need to become successful with it...and any other for that matter.

You'll get a 224 page FREE manual full of tips and information to help you succeed as an affiliate. You'll have access to FREE email courses to help you and your visitors learn EVEN MORE about selling on the Internet.

This guide will give you everything you need to know to boost sales through the art of word usage. Think about it for a moment...what is it that your visitors see when they surf through your site? Words! And if those words aren't doing everything they possibly can to sell your products, you're missing out, period.

Join the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program today and start earning a decent affiliate income

The best way that I've found to promote this one is to tell your visitors about the free Affiliate Masters Course. They simply send a blank email to get the course, and in it Ken promotes his products along with a ton of useful information. This one makes it easy to sell his products.

9.    AWeber Autoresponder Service

Autoresponders have become one of the most important forms of promoting your website. They give you the ability to keep in touch with your visitors and prospects automatically over a period of time.

This increases your chances of making sales to those visitors, and helps increase traffic to your website through increased exposure to your URL and site name.

This is a great affiliate program because AWeber is one of the better known autoresponder services, and they pay you commissions each and every month that customers you send them remain customers. It is also 2-tier earning you 10% of referred webmaster's sales.


Click here to signup for the AWeber affiliate program

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